I had anticipated the first couple of weeks of March were going to filled with poker games and tournaments but alas it hasn't happened that way. Life stepped in and not only has there been scarce opportunity to jump on-line but I'll be out of town for the next week. At least I'll be home in time for the MicroMillions, which is good news.

The main topic of today's post is my overall summary from the WBCOOP series of tournaments. Out of the 10 events I entered I managed to accumulate six tickets which was a pretty good effort given that I busted early in the first two events.

Out of those six, only one of those tickets is a $5.50 entry, so I'm really happy that I managed to get relatively deep in so many of them. The only thing that really bugged was that I couldn't convert one of those into a final table (20th was my closest position). I did take some savage bad beats to knock me out of a couple of them, but that's the game.

I was very frustrated though with my main event peformance. I sat down at the start of the tourney (which began at 1am where I am) and then proceeded to go completely card dead for two and a half hours. To make matters worse I had five very LAGgy players that were growing pots with nothing and for no reason apart from being happy to be there and sharing the chips around. With no hands, very little opportunity to steal blinds and opponents that were very hard to read simply because their hand ranges were so wide, I busted mid-field without getting anything going all tournament.

A table of dead money and no solid chances to grab any of it ... :evil:  grrrr!

As far as my 6-max adventures go, I have only played about 2k hands. Despite having my chart bouncing like a rubber ball, it has been a great learning experience and I am really enjoying the general nature of 6-max. I should have probably made more profit but am still coming to terms with hands (and players) like this one. This guy had an 88% VPiP which explains the insta-call with big slick.

Sure he's only just under a 40/60 dog, but seriously, how often would you do this?

Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner

Hope to see everybody at the MicroMillions upon my return on the 14th.