I woke up this morning and saw the latest news snippet from Pokerstars, advertising the MicroMillions series in mid-late March. Needless to say as soon as I read the clip I got very excited about an accessible series of events for the poor little micro grinders like myself.

The thought of being able to participate in an Event series has been a bit of a dream of mine ever since getting involved in on-line poker. Like many micros, I'm usually happy to rail those able to play the big entry events in the hope of one day getting a crack at big paydays (it is one of the big 'hooks' of poker after all).

The extra good news for me is that it sits well, time-wise, with this month's schedule. While I'm playing less cash games to learn the 6-max dynamic, I was already planning to play a few more tournaments. This was going to be in the Premier League, hoping to capitalise on my newly-made 150FPP status to get a nice end-of-month bonus. But now I can spread this even further with the MicroMillions filling in the last half of the month.

Speaking of the Premier League, I managed a top 80 spot for February. I'm thrilled with this result, as I only played 13 tourneys and finished the month with back-to-back final tables (a 1st and a 6th position). My general tourney play has definitely improved over the past two months, as I'm learning more about the value of aggression, particularly in the middle stages (where I would often play tight and be too concerned with just cashing and not going real deep). It's a change in attitude and it takes a while but I feel a lot more confident in these stages of tournaments.

Snapping up a handful of SCOOP tickets as well so the tourney scene is looking busier in the upcoming months for me. I'm going to have leftover tickets; unfortunately the timing of the events don't suit an Australian time zone (at least for a guy with young kids), but I am making a concerted effort to clear time on the final day to jump into the Main Event.

Hand of the Day comes from the WBCOOP NLHE Knockout Event 21. Unfortunately instead of a 'Filthy Lucre' hand, it's more like a 'Filthy Luck' hand for yours truly.

Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner

And to think that I was worried about an 'Ace from Space' when the hands got turned over initially. Ah well, the end result was an $11 SCOOP ticket to add to the collection, so not a bad result for a bad beat.