I'd like to start this entry with a big congratulations to Marvinsytan for capitalising on his 'Member of the Month' tickets and getting some fantastic results in the Saturday series of tourneys. Not only did he get some nice bankroll building results but he also was good enough to blog about them and I believe get another Saturday package for his efforts. Nice work mate, two thumbs up!

Also a shout-out to Wayneo75 who is currently 3rd in the Premier League race. I came up through the Open League with him in January and it's great seeing a player do that the month before and have such strong play in the Premier League right from the get go. You can do it ... go, go, go!!!

Thanks also to TEXASKICK for reading enough of my drivel to find it worthy of a mention in the weekly round-up.

OK, so to the main topic for today; committing to the goals for next month. I mentioned my musings a bit last post, but have come to a decision, based on some positive results in the past day or two. I have decided that, rather than hitting the 5NL tables, I am going to jump into 6-max tables (2NL) to try and improve my reads and gameplay in a format with a wider scope for variance and less chance to be overly nitty. The reason why I went this route rather than upping my tourney play or doing a Cowboy challenge is that I have hit the 150FPP for this month.

Apart from being eligible for the upper tier of prizes in the Premier League, what is of most value to me is that I can now delve into any 150FPP video in the archive and really bone-up on some of the stuff I haven't had access to previously. With 6-max being my cash game focus, I'll be pretty much glued to any video done by Xflixxx or any other of the 6-max maestros. Add the Premier League tourneys and the live training sessions, and that sounds like a full month of intensive studies to me.

I picked up a $16.50 SCOOP ticket in the PLO High/Low event with a 20th place finish (just two spots out of the next pay grade ... grrrr) and hope to add to that with my remaining WBCOOP tickets. That ticket will be the highest $$ value I've entered into a tourney ... weak I know, but I am trying to be disciplined about BR management and not hunting any overly-priced-in cashes too soon for fear of poor luck or play turning the bankroll into swiss cheese.

My cash game play has seen me hit my February bankroll ceiling of $125. I'm thrilled with this result, not just because of the consistent winning play at the micro tables, but mainly because I logged almost 25k hands (cash game only) this month, by far the highest volume in such a time period. For me this is a very good sign:-

     1). My general play is improving, even with factors like fatigue or complacency probably rearing their ugly head at times through these sessions.

     2). The simple fact that I am prepared to do the hard yards at micro level and put in the ground-work to try and improve my fundamentals. For a 'casual' player, it is all too easy to put this in the same basket as any hobby and cast it aside if bad play ends up as bad results. This volume and its associated ups and downs are a good sign that the 'casual' nature of poker is slowly being replaced with a more serious attitude and an eye on using it as a proper tool of study: better to be a snail than a whale!

The 'Filthy Lucre' Hand of the Day was the one that tipped my bankroll over the $125 ceiling; "Justice Prevails".

Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner

Now that's a pretty sick flop and most of the time would have paid off the opponents' junky hands. The turn was obviously golden for me. That'll teach 'em for calling my raises and bets with those hands.

Given the decisions made and goals I've set myself for next month, I am not expecting great returns as I break a few of my comfort zones and move to games not normally in my common repertoire. I doubt the 150FPP will be an option for March, but we'll see. The main aim to to build and improve and this will be the perfect opportunity to do so.

I'm having a day off! See everybody in March.