While the slow grind of micro cash tables builds towards the 150FPP needed for max value next month, I've had a bit of fun playing a handful of micro stakes tourneys to break the monotony. Now I consider myself to be a very poor tourney player overall (in part because I play very few of them), but mainly because they have rarely attracted or held my interest. I think this is mainly because of the dangers of losing a full buy-in plus I prefer watching the fluidity of funds flowing across the cash tables, when I can play or leave them, etc, etc.

Probably the best example of this was a $1.10 tourney I played a couple of days ago. Close to cashing but reasonably short stacked, I shipped AK to double or bust.

Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner

Obviously by end of hand, busto was the result and a couple of hours washed away on a two-outer on the river. Now this happens in poker and I'm trying not to be (too) bitchy about it, but I must admit I'd probably tilt less if this occurs on the cash tables simply due to the fact I can buy in again and try to win it back.

I'm happy to say my luck turned around in a Premier League tourney last night as I took my first tournament win since joining PSO. From about a 200 strong field manage to win the sucker with some great cards and good strong play. Congrats to ggervacio for making the final table as well (4th from memory) and thanks to fellow Aussie, SmokinSammy2 for some nice support from the rail. It was an awesome final table, happy and chatty and an overall fun time that left me feeling pretty good about tournament play and my ability to mix it up in there (I win always does that I guess).

My final comments have me aiming at my next post; goals for March. With the 150FPP virtually sown up, I'm going to have a decent crack at the Premier League next month and try to play a few more tourneys. The question I am currently pondering is what challenge do I want to try. I am right on the Bankroll Management Bubble from moving up to 5NL from 2NL, but I am not comfortable there is quite enough to cover in case of a poor initial run as I get used to the higher stakes. I am considering a number of options including trying out 2NL 6-max as well as a Cowboy challenge or something similar to work on my MTT play further. March may well be a challenge to continue an upward bankroll if I do this, but I need to improve my general play across a number of these aspects so I may have to take my medicine in order to get better overall.

I'll write on this once I know what I want to do next post.
Good luck everybody. See you out there.