OK, so every man and his dog is currently blogging away about WBCOOP to get their tournament tickets and chance for five grand large. Now I'm usually a bit of a rebel and opt to stand aside from the common throng of the unwashed masses, but in this case I can make an exception and jump in with the general tide.

So the question is, what would I do with a five thousand dollar prize?

Two things. The first part is simple; part of the winnings would remain in the bankroll. The purpose of this would be to get myself into a few tourneys and some of the mid to higher stakes events that I normally would rail and admire but never participate in (until I had a bankroll that could support this type of investment). Patience is a virtue.

Secondly a somewhat more 'out there' expense. I'd get dental work done ... yeah baby ... dental work. No gold teeth, no grills, diamonds or other ridiculous bling. Just a nice set of white babies. Cos that's how I roll :-P

Let me give you some perspective: as is plainly visible, my tagname is FilthyHermit. This is not a bluff! You see my avatar ... well while not strictly accurate, it isn't far off the mark either.

I live in a quiet home in a small town in country Queensland (Australia). I can't stand the thriving populace and generally avoid big cities, or even moderate to large crowds of any size whatsoever. Being a country loner (not lonely), you can more freely get away with avoiding certain things that others would never even dream of doing without. Cars, modern necessities like iPads, mobile phones, etc are all common examples, but I'm talking about something more personal ... like hygiene.

One thing about country Australia is that you are guaranteed to suffer water shortages in virtually any part of the country. Droughts are common and there is a good reason why they call this nation the 'wide brown land'. Now I'm a good shower dodger at the best of times, so this environment just suits my inner grot to grow and emerge into my outer grot as well. I'm sure you are getting the picture by now.

Well the same goes with dental hygiene. I don't have a great mug to begin with, but the yellowing teeth really just make the head shot a truly 'character defining' feature. With a few grand in the hand this would be the thing that I would like to improve (outside of the poker game).

The funniest part of it is that it would look so out of place. I can see the future ... get the work done and the Filthy Hermit goes into town to show off his brand new set of chompers. He walks into the local watering hole, brags about his accomplishments and shows off his shiny new smile ... only to have it promptly punched out of his face before the end of the night.

Aussies don't like high achievers ... bloody Tall-Poppy syndrome.

See you at the tables. I'll be the one smiling!