While still seemingly in the middle of a nice upswing, I've had to think about what I am actually trying to achieve through my poker and the corresponding studies with PSO. Initially I thought I would just try to get my initial bankroll (around the $60 mark at start of year) to double by end of 2012. This would be achieved by playing the same volume at 2NL micro level to clean up some of my many leaks were the main objectives.

Yet here I am, third week of February, needing to readjust the initial conservative goals. I am playing much more volume than I expected, prompted by the PSO leagues and VPP requirements at the Premier League to gain maximum bang for your buck. My bankroll has shot to over $105 and already within spitting distance of the $125 before I can consider looking into moving up to 5NL. I am now looking to get to that mark by end of this month.

Over the past fortnight I gone gone from erasing a -8BB/100 deficit from the first couple of days of the month and turned it into a 4.5BB/100 for February so far. In dollar terms, what started as a quick $10 down has bloomed into a $25 profit and I'm running at about 9BB/100 for the past 10 days.

Obviously my general luck has been good the past two weeks, but today's morning session was very up and down. Many of my big hands lost, despite being up going into the flop. AA bombed out by JJ, AK diddled by a loose AJ, KK downed by an 'ace from space' to save AK (all of these were all-in pre-flop of course). Perhaps it is a condition of the increased volume I am now playing, but I seem to have improved my tilt reaction and over-reaction. I have usually had a profit/loss chart that read a little like a heart monitor; when it was good it was great but when it was bad I could run down a bankroll in a daily session what was built up over a month. Rather than focusing on winnings, I think this could be the most promising point of my game: if I can minimise or even cut out the rapid descents, this then gives even greater value to those 'good-running, good-playing' times (which should also extend further with better general play.

Interestingly despite these pot losses this morning, my session was a winning one, mainly due to one fat win on a draw heavy board.

So here it is; the "Filthy Lucre" hand of the day! Otherwise known as "This is what you get for slow-playing A's".

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