So here I am, grinding back some solid losses incurred in the first 2 days of February. Almost 80% of the debt made back and then I came across this hand.

Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner

To give a little context, villain plays 10/5/1 and has a very interesting way of playing strong pairs and premium hands. He limps and plays passively until the river, where he throws all his money in regardless of pot sizing. He is a (marginal) winning 2NL player, more than likely through playing AAs or something similar this way and getting the crying call from some micro LAG.

This hand would have more than made up any remaining debt; losing it would have sent me back to square one. The rest of my session was quite good to this point and I decided that, just in case, he had slow played 9's or even 6's (rather than hitting his flush on the turn), I wouldn't risk the stack with the 4th nuts.

Quite simply, a player this bad didn't deserve my money (on the off chance he was good over me) and I'm happy to look like a tool or safety junkie, just in case. Thanks to JDean for his input in the hand analysis section of the forums.

In other news, I am really enjoying the Premier League. While I can only play one game a night due to the timing of the events, I've cashed in two of the three that I have played in. Those two cashes have been just inside the bubble however, indicating to me that I have to improve my mid-stage tourney play and widen my range for a better chance at coming to the business end with a larger stack and more options than waiting, shoving and praying. Currently around 225 in the league and looking at maximising the limited opportunities that I do get in to play the PL tourneys.

Also found it interesting that not many of the successful open league players are struggling in the Premier League (or in some cases, not even playing the league). I guess they play Open League for a month, wait for a month to drop back and then grind it out again for a chance at a $1500 payday? Wouldn't you just get a job instead???

Kudos to players like EdinFreeMan and Wayneo75 who are getting in there and moving around the top 100 or so in the league (early stages of course). Expect them to be in the money come end of month, just a case of how high.

I'll do my best to be there with them.