The second half of January was a bit of a stark contrast to the strong start in the eartly weeks of the month. At the completion, a cash game BB/100 rate settled comfortably around the +4.0 mark: well below the +10-12 that was tabled at the halfway mark.

Looking back in hindsight, I can see my game shifted badly towards to a passive mode as I actually tried to protect my standing rather than actually playing the game. It has been noted by many of the instructors at PSO not to be results oriented, and this is a clear example of letting an eye on results cloud my judgement at the tables.

Unfortunately I realise this a couple of days into February, where the poor results have bled into this month and I have a deficit that will need to be tracked down (again in doing so, I should not be too mindful of this for fear of sabotaging my natural game).

I was happy that I completed almost 10k hands in the month (cash game only, not including all the PSO League tourneys). While many of the grinders will laugh at this amount , for me it was probably the highest volume over the course of a month that I've completed.

To improve my mood I jumped into a $0.25 45-man SnG last night for a change of pace and managed a 2nd place finish after heading into heads-up with a decent chip lead. I lost the first big pot when I went into the flop ahead and couldn't recover from there, but it was a very well-rounded performance overall. The winnings only went a little way to clearing the losses of the past week, but hopefully it is a a sign of a turn-around and a focus at the tables to just play improved poker and not worry about the bottom line so much.

Congrats to the Open League and Premier League winners and other strong performers. I look forward to testing my skills in the Premier League this month. I haven't seen the schedule but I am hoping that the timing of the tourneys will be suitable to Australian EST. Fingers crossed...

Good luck in February everybody!