OK, completely disregard my last post!

I decided to take a crack at climbing toward the serious contenders in the top 10 of the Open League. This meant loosening the belt a little and playing some hands in the earlier stages in order to try and build chips through a few of the crazies and get further into the tourneys for some catch-up points.

Well forget about it! I've been spanked by Lady Luck and, in hindsight, it was thoroughly deserved!

The last four tourneys have been disasters; AK busted twice by hands with (in theory) had no business entering into a pot after an aggressor. Mid and high end pocket pairs had no better time of it either. The overall summary is that trying to play positive-minded and mathematically based poker in the early stages of these freerolls have simply resulted in a net loss of around 100 points and dropping from 20 to mid-80's in the rankings. Nothing too serious in terms of threatening anything more than my sanity. I had hoped on a nice little bankroll builder at end of month but that seems cut to a minimal amount now.

The reason for this change of approach was simple. By playing as many Open League Freerolls as necessary to build the points to get that high in the rankings, I had neglected my play at the cash tables and when I was on them, my results seemed to have been suffering because of it. In short, I was having trouble differentiating play between the two: not consciously of course, but there seemed a certain level of seepage across the two styles and my reads as well.

Looking back however, it isn't all bad news.

The unsuccessful gear change and dip in results in the Open League has directly corresponded with much better play in the standard cash games. Even with copping a few of those inevitable bad beats that so rudely frequent one's poker experience, the January results have me running at over 12BB/100 and recording solid profits. Rather than any real suggestion a hot run I believe I can directly attribute this improvement to the addition of a HUD (the ever-reliable Poker Tracker 3) as well as utilising the training videos and materials available here on site. My game is tighter and in general, more robust and grounded more firmly in proven techniques.

A structured and studious approach is very good for your game ... just not the Open League.