I'm currently in the middle of an interesting dilemma. With two weeks until the end of this month's Open League I'm sitting happily in the top 50 and around 70-80 points out of the top 20 (a minimum $50 payday for 20th position in the league). So a Premier League ticket is all but assured and it is only the monthly payout that needs to be determined.

This is the first part of the equation. The second is the required accumulation of 150 FPP in order to be eligible for the upper tier of prizemoney in the Premier League. It's nice to see that the top third of all entrants get payouts in the Premier League (once again a minimum $50 payday for anyone with the required eligibility in the top 500).

As mentioned in earlier posts, I'm not a prodigious poker player right now as my play basically fits itself between required family and work commitments. I'm also a micro stakes cash player (predominantly) so getting 150+ FPP's is going to require some dedicated time in front of the screen. I'm sticking to bankroll management 101 for this as well, so no jumping into higher stakes just to try and get lucky and chase some extra FPPs.

So what do I do?

Is it wiser to spend my time grinding the Open League events for the next fortnight in order to maximise the payout for this month, or is it a better plan to try and build the 150 FPP points in my regular poker play so that any potential good play in the Premier League is amply rewarded next month.

Immediate maximisation of returns or delayed gratification?

This is only my first month here, so any comments and advice from the regulars and longer-term players would be highly appreciated.
Thanks for reading