OK, so we're not too far away from the halfway point of the month and I find myself solidly in the top 50 of the Open League and presumably on my way to a Premier Leaue spot in the next month. I must admit, to get this far, it has taken a directional shift from anything even closely resembling my default game.

Using time delays, folding normally strong and playable hands (even in position) and dodging the usual early stage nutbags can be pretty standard for many tourneys. Even more so in the Open League. The ultra-slow nit tactics make the most sense in ensuring a run into the points in this league, tourney after tourney after tourney, to ensure greatest scoring consistency (in the right direction). It might not be particularly fun, but hey, it's a process. Premier League is the goal for this month so you gotta do what you gotta do.

I learnt this the hard way early on in the month, as my AA's were called all-in pre-flop by the ever scary 63o which just happened to find an unlikely straight on the river. Next tourney was a similar result, where QQ was bombed out by a call pre-flop from 34s. Not great poker in terms of consistent result getting but then again I had to remind myself that most of these players aren't interested in the consistency of their results, only in that one 'glorious' moment of getting lucky early and continuing their chip stacking through ultra-loose fishing in combination with a run of good fortune on the board.

So tightening the belt to a vein-bursting level, I've managed most of the time to play solid "No Limit Fold-Em" in order to avoid early busts. Had a couple of top 50 results to boost the stats; overall a pretty good start to my first month in the PSO leagues. I've played only half the tournaments that many of the top 20 on the scoreboard and I gotta say I respect the hell out of those guys simply due to their perseverence in being able to do this; 4-5 tourneys a day, fold (*pause*) fold (*pause*) fold (*pause*) etc etc etc. I don't know if they can play good poker, but they are smart enough to know the path to the Premier League and have the work ethic to do it.

To those that I meet on the tables, I apologise for the annoying time delays in decision making and folding. Just remember, it's a process and one example of 'playing the game and not the player'.

See you on the virtual felt.