Hello PSO Members,

This is the first update I am providing to you about my status in PS. This last few days I haven't really had the time to play as much as I wanted to, so basicly nothing has changed in my bankroll, but I have recieved information, that I have been selected as eligable for the Bankroll Builder Programme of PSO and have already done my first task, so right now im waiting for further information about the campaign or maybe even my first bonus!

Depending on what happens in the BBP I will provide to you more detailed information about the near future and my plans for building my bankroll up.

Once again thanks for the attention and remmember to subsribe to my blog if you find my initiative interesting and worth the tracking.If you have any suggestions, comments or you just want to pour your deepest hateful thoughts the comments bellow are the right place to do it!

Yours Philip 'filipsray' Misheff