Hello guys from PSO,

I'm Philip from Plovdiv, Bulgaria and I'm here to present to you an idea which I find pretty interesting and worth the try...How about becoming a real poker player without depositing even a cent into your account?I' am pretty sure that most of you guys would really find this imposible, not worth the time, dumb or why not even insane, but I am still willing to give it a shot and why not track my progress in front all of the PSO community.I think it would be an emotional journey, which would be worth the tracking for not only the pure poker content but also the psycological states and different thoughts that I am going to experience, so if this sounds interesting to you guys stay tuned and continue reading.

My current account state is pretty poor, talking in numbers the unnoticeable $0,04.These four cents are the leftovers from a cash finish in a freeroll called Bankrollmob, the bigger part from the winnings I lost in SNG tournaments, hoping to cash-in something, but unfortunately...well I already said it - $0,04!

Right now I am banging my head against the wall to figure some way out of the situation and so far the only possible solutions I see are the following: My best bet for now is my aplication for the Bankroll Builder programme of PSO (I have applied, but my topic hasn't been processed yet) and if this doesn't work out  I am planning to keep playing freerolls and invest the cash finishes, depending on how big they are (keep in mind that there is no possibility they exceed a few bucks) in either SNG tournaments or cash games (it may be in the ZOOM format), about that I am not really sure for now.

If any of you have some ideas or thoughts about what should I do, that would give me a better chance of making some progress, please be so nice and contact me!(I am absolutely open for any ideas and I am absolutely willing to try whatever method you can think of).If you guys like my idea and you are interested in the progress I make, you can always follow my blog here, where I will be talking for everything that has to do with poker (hands, tourneys, emotional states etc.) and everything will be open for discussion!

Thanks for your effords for reading this and sorry for my far from good english!

Yours Philip 'filipsray'  Misheff