Hello My name Aleks, 


           Mid December I had won a satelite using my FPP's, which landed me a free entry into the Sunday Million event on Dec 27th 2015.  After 12 hours of play I had finished 55th place with a 9,000 USD payout, transfered to CAD and had a cool $13,000 payout. Prior to this I've always just been a grinder so this was my biggest takehome to date. 

For the most part I was able to stack my chips throughout the first 6 hours, I made a pretty big mistake close to the bubble, and wound up squeeking in. I was reduced to 3,000 in chips after the bubble break. Things looked pretty grim but I was quite happy to have at least made the money. After the break I went on really great rush and was able to acumulate a stack that was worthy of taking me to the final table. I tightened up and rode my stack as I watched my position constantly improving, 100 players left in the tourney and I had 500k . My table image was strong, but then I was moved to another table.... right off the bat I roll up JJ and raise the pot 3 x's, A player three seats to my left with double my stack,  comes over the top, the betting comes back to me and I fold. A few hands later I roll up 99 mid position with no raises, again I raise and the same player comes over the top to which I fold. next hand I peel them and see AK off suit. I raise and the same guy agin re-raises me, now I've replayed this over and over agin in my mind becuase at this point I made the most costly mistake I have ever made. I felt at that moment that this guy was using his stack to bully me. and with an AK I was almost certain he was bluffing, so much so that I moved "all-in"  he insta calls me with a pair of ladies, and I cant draw acard to save my life and I leave the tourney. 

Firstly I would like to say winning 9k USD has never been more heartbreaking then it was that moment, I could've easily folded every hand from that point on and still made it into 20's or 30's I got over excited and lost my train of thought, something I have to work on.

The money however was masivly needed and I'm greatful in the end. I cashed out and paid off some debt, and taken a bit of time off work for some much needed R and R.

My advice to anyone who ever finds themself in this position, with out ever having been there, is to keep your cool, things happen fast and its easy to get cuaght up in your thoughts. Really at that point if you are playing without a roll as was I, the main goal shouldve been to get into the highest position posible and only play the best starting hands.

Since the big win I havent been able to really put much together, I've place low end in a few bounty hunters, and continue to work on my game, with the hope that I'll get my shot again soon to prove to myself that I am capable of maikng the final table in a major tourny if not win the whole thing. 


Thanks for reading, please feel free to leave a comment,