Just got back home to London from Cork. A great experience to sit down with top players and see it played at the top level. This was my first sit down with decent players, the atmosphere was tense and intimidating.


Played on day 1b, I was on table 7 seat 4 with three young loose irish lads on my right and tigher players to my left, not a bad set up.

We had a clear donk on the table on seat 6, (sorry man if you are reading this) its nice of course to see him because if you can't you are the donk!

Took a big hit early to the table donk when my pocket 44 made a full and lost to a bigger full with 10 10 in the hole... ouch. I had rr his river bet and he just called... with top full claiming he was scared of quads...... There was actually a 3rd full house as well lower than mine. it was one of the hands of the day on our table.

I saw my chips head over from the donk to a strong irish player on seat 9 after the donk called an all in shove with the dumb end of a straight. It was such an awful call and cemented him as the weakest player at the table.

He quite often called to the river and then folded. The donk did manage to double back through seat 9 after hitting top full house on the river. I managed to get back to above the starting stack after hitting the donk for trip jacks around level 4.

The three lose irish guys all busted from playing too many hands and running into decent hands with marginal holdings.

In nearly 9 hours of play I was only dealt 6 pairs and struggled to get into the play, I did get well paid with KK and QQ both flopped well without overs. (40-45 hands an hour one might expect 2-3 pairs an hour and i only get 6 in about 320 hands gggrr)

Seats 8 (Dave) and 9 were the strongest players at the table and the guy to my left in seat 5 (Shane) was also tight agg and solid.

Due to the lose players on my right i never got any stealing chances and had to resort to rr from the blinds to win anything preflop.

the only hand I got in the BB all day was  a 10 10 which I folded (rightly) to big prepflop action before it got to me with the donk UTG+1 eventually showing QQ,

Lasted until 8.48pm just 12 minutes befor the end.

I saw Cody the PS pro go out on table 8 before me with Fintan Gavin building a hugh stack on that table. I could have lasted to the end of the day but was down to 10 bb and wanted to try and double up to make it worth coming back the next day. my A7 suited all in getting called down by a 66 and i missed 14 outs on the river. i'm very happy with my discipline on the day but found it difficult to loosen up when the antes kicked in. I simply didn't get enough cards for my style after the early hit.

One hand i might have played better was AQ in the sb right at the end of the day. I rr the loose blind stealer in seat 9 but I only min raised to avoid pot commitment and he called. I should have shoved or shown i was pot committed. K22 flop and he donk bet half my stack. I folded. he correctly put me on AQ after my indecision, he and I both knew I would't have rr/ folded anything else. Tells me he didn't have a K and I believe him, he had enough chips to commit me without worry... nice play buddy.

I never realised how mentally tiring it would be..I was exhausted at the end of the day.. and I never spotted a clear tell all day despite watching carefully and having read Caro and lots of Harrington pre tournament.

oh and Liv Boree looks even better in the flesh, nice smile in the hotel lobby Liv thanks...