The hand before this I had shoved light attempting a steal and doubled up through the guy in the BB and he was steaming. I thought he might call an all in.

Maybe I should have just x3 or x4 and shoved on the great flop but both the opener and the BB were aggressive and I didn;t want them both in the hand against my QQ. Donk caller blew my plans out of the water. I'm pretty sure the donk would have called a shove on the flop anyway with his gutshot and A. I got the call I wanted I suppose just not from where I thought.

Consoled by having got my mig and the donk  hits runner runner for a running flush,,,,,,,You know it would have hurt less if he'd hit a king.   every night these damn suck outs !! This was important to me too,,, 5th in UKIPT league div one and this hand would have got me to the cash and extra points

Did I say donk enough lol.