9 handed ring game blinds 5/10c

AA in EP, opened with x2.5. Three callers

Flop 66A rainbow

checked around. turn is the A (for quads)

checked around river is a K

Last chance to bet so I bet 65c into an 80c pot.

player in the cut off raises to $2.

I raise all in $10 (i started with 100bb)

He calls.... I expect to see at lest a 6 but he turns over K5......

yum yum

I can only think he thought I was trying to steal the pot and he obviously thought his K  was good. His snap call to my all in cost him.

I had a very similar hand to this about 2 years ago with the same hole cards and flop and lost to quad 6666, spitting feathers that day. (did i say day i meant; week lol.