Yesterday I watched the 1998 movie- "Rounders". This film is about two card players. Anyway i heard intresting mind "player remember the big defeats, victory did not remember".

In my opion this mind. 100% true. I will never forget this hand:
Tournament for package to live tournament in Talinas(7 pacages). After few hours i have reached the final table. I was a chip leader with 110K. Other players were close to me Blinds was 1500/3000(i am not sure). I was in the middle position and i found AA and i made rise 4bb. I get the caller on the botton(caller had about 100k). Flop : A44 i made bet of half pot. He made instant re-raise all in. And thought "yeah i catched him(i was puting him on AK ir AQ)". and ofcorse i made a call. He showed 44. turn and river not save me. So i was out 9(i wasn't able to continue fighting with ~10k). Anyway i think i made everything right in that hand. What do you think if it was possible to play better?