Been away for a long time, well it did look so but actual I was still snooping around now and then. Had a very busy year which made me lower my poker activities on a very very low level. I however did play but not that much as I would like and also not with the 

I must say, still had a good year in poker. I was making money on 5NL Zoom and 10NL Zoom. Not with that big win rates but still all in the green is always nice to see. But..... even with that I suffered from big tilt issue's so bad that I closed my Pokerstars account. Yes u can do that and it takes only a few seconds and when u can think about it it's too late. No, not only for a month or two year is fine too. Now I can laugh about it and it's not a very big problem, been playing on other skins and for example sister site FullTilt.

Recently I started playing at FullTilt again with a little #Rushing challenge.

I did deposit $50 (10 buy-ins for 5NL) and start from there to move stakes quickly. Well as quick as I have time to play because I still do not play a lot of hands monthly. I do have set myself the following goals/marks when to move up (and move down as needed).

10BI on 5NL move to10NL
20BI on 10NL move to 25NL
40BI on 25NL move to 50NL

I do need to think what to do after 50NL, but let me first reach that (if I ever do )
Have played like 10K hands so far and these are the graphs behind that.



So for now it is a $129.91 in profit

Good luck all in 2015 at the tables!