In just 2 days with 1 session per day everything can change. The start of this month was really not that good at all. Playing 10NL last month with a decent win rate. Not that great but every BB counts

This month I suffered from a decent amount of bad beats, which drops me down like 9 buyins only on the beats itself in 2 grinding sessions. I suffered even more due to some tilt afterwards ended up in some bad play spewing chippies.

My graph so far (nosedive)


Top set don't hold facing overpair


Don't smile before it's over there are still 6's remaining in the deck

When the board turns red

good news we are ahead.....until the river

Besides that run my KK's into AA's, QQ's to KK's and could not improve as my openents did do. So for now playing 5NL again to recover some losses. It does not feel good to keep playing 10NL with this in my mind. Now hoping on some rungood 

GL all