So, this was the first month I start playing on 10NL 6-max Zoom only. Normally I did only made some shots at it and run the main games on 5NL. It was a month with lots of ups and downs. Sure variance did count in, but overall I had the feeling that I did make some big mistakes myself.

Playing a hand and making a big mistake with it ends up having me to remind me that hand the entire session and as a result even keeps me playing worse. This is no doubt a mental issue I need to work about and also not making those costly mistakes. When I have a good play and lose a big stack it's less worse to the mental game it seems. Then it's more like “Ok, thats too bad” and go on again.

The results are not that big, playing like 4BB/100 but I did hit near the 15k hands, have enough VPP's to stay on this level and got some FPP's for extra cash. Also now I have a decent sample of stats and notes over the regular player pool now. As long u can have that one zoom .

So  far not a great month but that was also not my expectation on it when u get fresh in new stakes. On 10NL there is a lot more 3betting pre then I noticed on 5NL.

The ride:

The last few days of the month I will make some time to get a brown tan as it's now official a summer “Heat Wave” in the country I life in. Next month I will try to continue in a more steady way on 10NL.