Goals until the end of 2013

I never had set myself any goals and I know this might lack my progress a bit. Especially this quarter of the year because it is fully summer over here and the weather is too nice to sit behind a system watching some cards 

So I try to set myself some goals for the remaining of 2013.

This month I did left 5NL 6-max zoom finally behind me and started fully on 10NL after a few failed stabs at it.

Remaining 2013 Goals:
1. Keep playing 10NL with a solid win rate and try some sessions at 25NL
2. Play 15-20k hands a month
3. Play during times when I really can concentrate and a lot of juicy games are on (this will be mostly during the weekends)

4. Attend more live trainings as I do now (cash games and tournaments)
5. Complete the poker books I read currently. I have a bad habit to start but never finish it
6. Keep my silver status the entire 2013 but I might skip this if it will drop my win rate too much
7. Weekly review my HUD on possible improvements/leaks and also try to fucus on those leaks one at a time during play.

I think I have a good bankroll management, I did not make up this myself and I have a feeling that it might be outdated but the structure about it seems well thought. It's not my goal to get to high stakes very soon btw. 


Bankroll Management

A not very strict goal is that I want to learn more tournament play, but I have a feeling I'm for now more a cash games player.

For the ease, my mid July result so far

GL All