Well after a month not playing that much zoom hands, and only one single Zoom and Boom hand won so far. We have one finall weekend to play fully on Zoom. I did had some  hand but no action on smallish raises () so I did end up playing only this strange pot. Could even raise it a bit but did wanted to see the flop for it.

O well cashed a $5 bonus which is always a nice extra.

For the rest, I did adjusted some of my game that I don't fight too much for big pots with marginal hands and that seems to work out and try to even get closer in the hand reading. Overall had a nice month with still 3 days to come, as I normally play more in the weekends only.

Also got a nice hand on 10NL, but I don't know what to think of  

Was he bluffing and representing the 6?, did he misread his hand?

Profit this month (mostly 5NL with some 10NL hands)


I should play fully on 10NL but 5NL give me so much confidence that I keep sticking into it. 

During the month I also played some of the PSO MTT's and cashed $28 bucks in total of it. As I don't play much SNG's or MTT's online "until now" I'll try to add some SNG's and small MTT's 6-max to my game and follow the SNG live trainings more next month if time permits.