Well as we had the first blog post already, I should continue the briefing 
I'm a cash player. and don't play many tournaments online (only bi-weekly live). A decent reason is that I don't always have time to play long sessions and MTT's normally take a long time around the clock.

As we all know PSOSOP started weeks ago and currently I played like 6 or 7 of them. The first one was the 8-game. I did played it as it was only $0.55 but I was not sure what I was even doing in it during the actual play. Before entering I had no idea how to play some of the games in it so it was definitely -EV. Well maybe some day I'll like to know more of these games but for now it's a no-go for me.

For the remaining sessions I played the NLHE series where I min-cashed in one FR game, getting third in the first 6-max game and went for the first place in the second 6-max game including getting the PSOSOP bracelet.

For the remaining PSO tournaments, I will focusing on the 6-max and some of  full-ring NLHE games and skip the remaining. Currently I don't even have 50% of the self-imposed minimum VPP mark for this month so I will need to play more cash in the remaining 2 weeks of this month. Besides that in the last week the Zoom & Boom promo will start and I will for sure try to get some extra bonus of 100bb during that promotion. I think this week the Greatest Hand should be selected so we shall see....

GL all.