Blog, why blog?


I'm not used to write a lot, not good at it and never done a lot. But it might feels good and even help to make my poker play better and more aware of certain aspects of it. I'm here on PSO for a decent while now, reason #1 ofcourse to learn new skills and fix any leaks, which I'm sure I have a lot . And I really feel PSO and the trainers do a great job in learning the skills needed to play better poker. When I first started things like position, hand strenghts, vilian ranges SPR etc where defenitly not in my mind at all.

Me? I play poker for fun and would be nice to have some profit from it. Started end last year to find my way in 6max and especially zoom as I did play FR before at max stake 10NL and sometimes 25NL. For now I think 6max is better for me due I like the extra action it gives.

Start of this year (until now) I played about 60k hands on 5NL and got about 3000 BB profit. I feel that I made a lot of mistakes in the beginning to find out 6max and also try to find the best zoom play so I had a lot of swings. And in zoom there might be more swings than the regular tables.

Currently still play a lot of 5NL with some days I make the move to the 10NL tables when I feel I can play well which is next on my whishlist.

So, for now this short introduction and I will post regular updates to this blog.

Good Luck at the tables fellow PSO members.