We talk about one of the hardest things but one of the most important Poker skills, FOLDING A GOOD HAND.

There are few factors that we need to considered while on the table, this  is my own learning, when I dont forget one player from Japan said  on the table chat." YOU DONT  HAVE SKILLS, I never mad but instead I look back and see my self, he is right really..


Winning with great card is one thing, but knowing when to make a laydown ( fold a good hand) is the real key to consistent success in Poker, you should drop it when flush arrive.

A. TRUSTING YOUR INSTINCT - about how you way to act plus a beat zise

B. SPOTTING THE DANGER SIGN- looking your opponent on check-raises action, even you pretend that you have a good hand,  and see a chances that they are very confident, then take it action seriously

c.DOING THE MATH- Its about on your chips , if you see that it was shorten then dont rist them

D.POWER OF REASONING- Making laydown is hard thing to do, no one likes to think they re folding the winning hand and you dont want to go too far then other way and played scared.

So practice these skills and  seriously pay attention on saving your chips and youl soon gain confident.

i hope i can share my experience.