Tight vs.Loose (PLUS) Passive vs.Aggressive =______?.

Please share your answer base on how you picture out your self upon playing on the Table.

This is my own formula and this is only my idea, just wanted to share and see the offtake, it can be somebody laught but ,no matter. this is just my observation on my game

Formula: Tvs.L+Pvs.A=  PLAYING STYLE

                  LP+LA=(LAG) GOOD  PLAYING STYLE


Below are the playing style/factors for you to understand very well, and for you to understand the  saying " Scared money never wins"

I compared this all factors and try it on table , for me a Tight Aggressive is best, so how does old poker saying "Scared money never wins" means? the conclussion is yours.

Traditional Poker saying goes " Scared money never wins"  One night  my Grand father saw me playing poker on my computer, I never noties that he was in my back, he observe my play and then awhile ago he left and say SCARED MONEY NEVER WINS. when in the morning I brought a cup of coffe to my Grandfa, then im asking what is his point of saying by that words. I never knows that  he played poker with his neighboors when he was young.

According to him, there are diffierent factor of playing style, in addition Poker is not just a card game, but it is a game of people played with card. lols I think he is right.

In our lesson at PokerSchoolOnline we assessing the factors that we typically see while playing and style combination ,namely:

_Tight Passive>>player generally doesn’t play many pots and will often just call pre-flop when                                    they  find a hand they like.

_Loose Passive>>players like to limp into lots of pots. They will call raises “just to see a flop then                                 decide later.

_Tight Aggressive (TAG)>>player generally doesn’t play many pots. They are selective and                                             generally only play the best starting hands.

_Losse Aggressive (LAG)>>player tends to raise or re-raise a wide variety of hands pre-flop and                                    will often bet on most flops.

My general conclussion, even a drametic players said that being a Tight or Loose is not matter because poker is not just a card game , but it is people played with card but honestly the factors is very very important in order to get the crown. Hope this knowledge can give some idea into our pokeronline community..