I believe you and me has the same desire why we play poker right? our aim is to win in every single tournament that we play.I Look back my history and see how I perform and save all the right move and throw away those bad beats and bad moves. and realize that to win the hands is on TIMING all the time.

Anyone can win a poker tournament by getting the right cards at the right time, or by playing against terrible poker players. And we all know what the ultimate secret to winning poker is: aggression. But how can you more consistently win poker tournaments when the cards aren't falling your way, your opponents are decent, and without risking your tournament life with over-the-top aggression? After all, the all-in move will work every time but once: then you're walking past the rail.

For me? the secret to winning poker tournaments is to recognize the three key periods in any tournament: (1) the early game; (2) the mid stages; and (3) the late game. The secret to winning  is to have a distinct strategy for each of the critical crunch times in the tournament

Its really work, I realize, i just need to divide my play and adjust my strategy for the three key phases of a poker tournament, and I see the amazing result. The secret to winning poker tournaments is to have an appropriate strategy for each phase, and building the biggest possible chip stack before the blinds rise to prohibitive levels in the late game. Sometimes this means an early exit, but you have to be willing to die in order to live (and profit).

Anyway thanks to Jonathan for story that can help to me and into the community..try my way then you will see the result dont forget to share me after wards.