I am freshmen to my poker carrier I just wanted to share my experience and dream and wanted to collect some idea that can help to our communities to develop their skills,strategy, and techniques on  playing poker, being fresh player, I begin to the steps of learning, I started microTournament, cash game and more, and I am very happy that @pokerstars made it, I learn some skills, tickniques from playing against different players arround the world and its inspired me a lot, I am not really a proffesional poker player but ofcourse that is my ambition.

sometimes, I am thinking how does online learning can applied into live event? I lean on reading cards on flop/outs calculation/odds/and more specially in kind of hand, from  monster hand down to the lowest level of hands, I learn also a beat sizing? base on kind of hands I have, sometimes I ask why I dont won with my pretty  hand like a poket Aces? because my beating sizes affect, therefore a kind of hand can be winning depend on how you put your beating  amount onto the pot?...(let us see).....if this is true, then how can I play during live? the dealing of card is more diffirent compare into live event , pretty easy to conclude that a manual dealer is more different from electronic deal. I dont play ever yet on live poker and I an hisitant because I am concluded that  there are some adjustment to be done.. How should I?..

hope to hear from you soon, share your expectation and experience from playing online compare to live table.