Finally I made It on the money today  in the pokerschool league. Patience and playing psiition is what got me there .Its really tough playing against the rusians as they believe any A doesnt matter how weak their kicker is is a strong hand hand . I made on tough lay down preflop . I was on the buton Guy under the called another player aslo called I made a raise of about 4times the big Blind guy utg goes all in other players call and I folded my QQ . UTG went all in with A8 ,Other player call with K 3 suited . K 3 suited made a str8 on the river . So I actually had a ggod lay down . It just shows you that QQ was just another pocket pair . .

I am now ranked 1302  I decided to play at least 2 league games every day until end of December to build a bank role . I am looking to build myself a bankrole of a 500 to a 1000 . I am doing this to really start my poker career and making a living from poker   . I know It will cost hard work to get there and alot of dicipline . The next tourney starts in 15min so I will be writing after or again during the tourney