Hey everyone, hope you have all had a great weekend, I’m here with another bi-weekly instalment of the bankroll challenge. So to begin we ended last week on a bad note with some unfortunate run bad and our bankroll stood at $208.81c.

Since then I have endured some poker study and analysed my hand histories, also again reflecting on my previous poker play. Like I said in the earlier post, I felt my game was good I have not really changed much in my game and the way I play from 4 weeks ago. Anyways I have put the bad beats and run bad way behind me as that’s just online poker and poker in general for that matter (it happens) but it’s how you deal with it, that puts you above your fellow opponents. That’s why we have a strict BRM to account for these instances.

So I played roughly half of the $1 MTT/SNG’s then I did previously around 60ish in total and quite often enough just making the money apart from nailing a third place finish in the Big $1.10 for just over $155. I’m happy with the result, however really I should have taken down 1st for $307, but I failed to, due to bad judgement in certain spots and incorrect ranges I had put some of my opponents on .

So as you can see below my current bankroll is now standing at $358.55c, which is an increase of $149.74 for the last two weeks, which isn’t too shabby and clearly shows that we were not affected by the previous two weeks play of poker. With this in mind and after been so close in moving up stakes 4 weeks ago, we can now make that jump (Not a huge jump however :p) to playing $1.50 SNG’s and remain playing the $1.10 MTT’s as well.

What worked for me this week was continuing to obtain all the relevant info from the opponents on my tables, using the resources available online, for example, Sharkscope/OPR etc. Also the majority of the time making sure I am getting the right pot odds/implied odds/percentages and strong EV and all that good stuff and really just playing a tight aggressive game (obviously in the right spots) and then adjusting my game accordingly when required.

All in all, I’ve had a good couple of weeks of playing poker and our bankroll is slowly improving, the goal is still far away, but another couple of top 3 finishes and we will be at our second milestone sitting on over $1k. I like the sound of that

Ok that’s me for this week’s update, I am actually grinding the micros today, so hopefully we can have a big finish. I will continue to play my best over the next two weeks and I hope I can share some more good results with you all.

Oops I nearly forgot for those who didn’t already know I have recently started streaming on Twitch (I’m about 6 streams in so very much a newb) if you would like to follow the bankroll challenge live you can catch me every Saturday & Sunday at:


at 11:30am WET, where I will be playing MTT/SNG’s on Pokerstars live on stream with a 2.5 minute delay. It’s a very chilled, fun and exciting stream with some interesting poker been played.

So until next time everyone take care, much love to everyone who is following my blog and taking the time out to read it and for the fantastic feedback, good wishes, also the help and advice, it really means a lot.

Many Thanks.


Karl - Aka Feno27