Hello everyone hope you are all enjoying your weekend so far, now just for a quick catch up from my last update a fortnight ago. So my bankroll stood at $67.21 in my last post in December 2014.

I then played 10c SNG’s 360 Max players and continued until I reached a bankroll of $100, which I achieved and then moved up stakes to $1 SNG’s 45-180 max players. I have now been playing these stakes for a couple of months and have increased my bankroll to $279.55c, please see below.

As you can see I am only $20.45c off moving up stakes to $1.50, which I will be playing 12-90 player Max SNG’s. I know this is nothing and is still micro stakes and far far away from the stakes I want to be playing, however this is an achievement and I am excited at the prospect of moving up another level.

I played roughly about 40 SNG’s over the last two weeks (not as many as I hoped) which was due to a busy work schedule and family commitments. I am continuing to find a good balance between work, family poker and poker studies, although sometimes it is a challenge lol.

I have identified some leaks in my game recently so I am now working on improving them. One thing I have noticed about myself and that I struggle with, is my mental state, which has in the past affected my concentration, motivation and productivity. I have found some great new sites where I spend most of my time when studying. There is a really good section called “The quick guide to skyrocketing your (poker) productivity”

This section focusses on pretty much all aspects from where you are heading – Vision, goals to your physical energy, taking proper breaks and tricks for starting up your day productively. So the main things I have been looking at is my aim vision which is the goal of achieving a $5k bankroll. The main thing I have learned is to not lose that fun factor and the reason why I started playing poker, which is the love of the game and that I thoroughly enjoy it.

I have lost sight of this in previous times and was just chasing the $$$$ which is not a road you want to take. I have also now started to look at my physical energy – Exercise, also clearing my head/Stress removal - Meditation and making time for the things I love (not just poker )

Applying these factors, I have definitely seen an improvement in my poker game I am more focused, motivated and most importantly productive. I am more than happy to share the two poker training websites with you, feel free to message me and I will send you the two links, they are free and also have an option to subscribe (to access more content)

I will be playing a few SNG’s today and also going to try and satellite the Sunday Storm, right that’s it for now until next time everyone, take care, love the game, have goals and bink, bink, bink whatever SNG/MTT’s you play, cya