Hi guy's and gal's well this is just an update, but first of all must I say that my sincere apologies go out to the people who have enjoyed reading my previous weekly updates regarding my "$1 - $5k Bankroll Challenge" you will be all glad to know (well I’m hoping you all are) that I’m alive and have not dropped off the end of the earth.

I have just not been at the tables and grinding half as much as I used to back in 2014, December of that year was in fact my last post, which was week 29 of the bankroll challenge, which I ended on a bankroll of $67.21c.

During the bank roll challenge, I was moving up and down in stakes to maintain my strict 200 buy in limit for whatever stakes I was playing. So I played SNG’s mainly 45-360 Max Players between the lowest stakes of 2c to the highest $1.

For the people that have been reading my previous posts, you will all know that I took some time out from poker between July and August of 2014 and then posts became too and far between to eventually nothing until now yay 

The personal reasons were actually my grandmother who is now unfortunately in the late stages of dementia. I didn’t and still find it hard to accept this but I am getting better each day. My Grandmother is like my mother I spent most of my earlier and teenage years living with her (she’s awesome)

I have found that I can now channel all that negative energy and have started playing more poker. I have also had some good news in 2015 as me and my fiancé had a baby girl who is now 1.

So the last couple of years has been hard and still is a bit, but we are all alive and breathing and its learnt me to live life to the fullest, chase them dreams and do what makes you happy. We only get one shot at this thing called life so make it a great and memorable one

Right now to the main reason why your reading this “The Poker” so just to let you guys know I have not bust although @Jameseey who asked this question and also who convinced me to start this blog and poker journey again (cheers pal ) please see my screen print below of my current bankroll which has increased since last time.

Again just to remind you all I am still nowhere near to playing as much as I used to and I have only started to play again since this year. Currently I’m playing about 10 SNG’s a day 1 table at a time, but I have now put a schedule together and will start to build up to playing 4 tables of SNG’s at a time and doing 6-7 hour grinds.

So I am currently playing $1 SNG’s from 45-180 max players and also throwing in the odd 55c & $1.10 Bounty Builder also the Hot 55c & $1.10 MTT’s as well.

Again thanks for taking the time out to read my posts and really sorry that this update did not come sooner, but I am now back and will now continue to post monthly or bi weekly updates on continuing the bankroll challenge.

Ok that brings us to an end of another episode until next time Cya!