Hi All,

Well here I am with Week 29 of my Bankroll Challenge, I have managed to play a few more MTT's this time round. As I did not manage this previously in fact I would go on to say that in the last edition I hardly played any and the ones I did play in I played shocking (the variance was eating me up and spitting me out whole)

So I am not going to dwell over the weeks leading up to my last update at week 21, I am just going to say that I finished on $13.47 which meant I took a $17.71 deficit.

This meant I had to yet again drop down stakes, if I'm going to be honest I really struggled and nearly did not drop down but I took a minute and just repeated bankroll management in my head (it worked) It is so easy not to, but it makes sense to do it and rebuild it back up.

I continued to play 2c-10c 990/360 Max Player MTT's I played about 250+ and had nine 1st place finishers and roughly about four 2nd place finishers and then the majority of the time did not make the money and the ones I did it was either my buy inn back or a couple of cents more. So again as I mentioned above I am still maintaining my strict 100 buy inns at least attitude and dropping down stakes as and when I need to. It's been to say the least quite frustrating as all I have seemed to do in the past 15 Weeks is drop down in stakes I have looked at my game and questioned, summarised and reflected.

As I said in the last episode I was not balancing both sides of poker, what I mean is the playing as well as the education side, which is a big no no. I started to fit training in at least once a week and used various training tools, such as Pokerstars very own PSO Live Training sessions (Sit & Go Beginners Series) and also looked at the Triple Threat – Position/Aggression/Selection and other useful videos I found for further consideration to fine tune my game. I believe that this has helped my game and has got me some of the results I have had this time round.

I did this for a solid fortnight in the end because I was so annoyed at my previous performance and results and wanted a kick start so between weeks 22-23 I did not play any poker although still managed to fit in over 250 MTT's over 6 weeks, which is pretty good going for me.

So what have I finished on well a lot better actually, really wanted to be in the hundreds but not that good am afraid I am now at $67.21c which is an increase of $53.74c than what I was at previously ($13.47c)

So what do I put this down to composure, focus strict bankroll management and most importantly continuous poker training. It is so easy to forget and believe me the simple things I was overlooking and how far my game has reared of course was scary, keep educating yourself about the game and there are tons of useful videos and live training sessions that will help also visit the forums and have some hand histories scrutinised it really does help.

I am now going to be increasing my stakes to 25c-50c 90-360 Player Max MTT's giving me again at least 100 buy inns.

Okay that brings us to the end of another episode, feno27 signing out and again please comment, please be honest and please, please, please share your advice and tips.

All have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year and lets hopefully bring in the new year with some big money wins!!

Thank You and hope you enjoyed.