Hi All,

Back again with Week 21 of my Bankroll Challenge, well it's safe to say that I have not been playing at all as much as I had wanted too and the MTT/SNG's that I did play I might as well of not played

Ok now for a quick re-cap coming to the end of my last post in Week 13, So after taking a few weeks out to get my mind back into a fit mental and happy state again, I started to once again hit the tables. I played only 200+ SNG/MTT's over the next 4 weeks and had highs and lows, I took down seventeen 1st place finishes in the 10c-25c Stakes playing 45-360 Max Player SNG/MTT's, which left me on $31.18c I then continued to play at the 10c-25c stakes.

Because I did not really grind that many tables my bankroll did not improve that greatly. Apart from winning seventeen of those, I lost the rest and made the money occasionally.
I am continually still entering The Hot $0.55c and did not make the money in the 7 I played in.

So I stuck at the stakes of 10c-25c and played roughly about 125 MTT's making it to the money, however the majority of the time falling short. I am now in a really uncomfortable situation and lost just over half of what I had previously, I have now only got a bankroll of $13.47 ($17.71) deficit, which I am quite concerned about.

I have now dropped down to the lowest stakes of 2c-10c and only playing the 2c 990 Max Player MTT and the 10c 240-360 Max Player MTT's again still maintaining my strict 100 buy inns at least attitude and dropping down stakes as and when I need to. It's been to say the least quite frustrating as all I have seemed to do in the past 15 Weeks is drop down in stakes I have looked at my game and questioned, summarised and reflected.

I don’t seem to be fitting the education side of poker into my game, which is a big no no I need to start making time for the PSO Live Training Sessions and also I have started to fine tune my game with the Gripsed University "Get Stacking" video tutorials, which have helped.

I will be dedicating a fortnight to my poker training, so I will not be playing any poker between Weeks 22-23. I need to get my poker game and challenge back on track, hence the intense training programme I have laid out for myself. My game is obviously lacking and I need to get rid of these bad habits and decisions that I make at times, I need to pick my spots better and play smarter poker and get more pot equity and receive a better investment out of the pots I choose to enter.

I again have not lost faith and sight of my goal, I have just had a bad string of results, which I am sure I will put right and going forward I will be setting aside at least 1 training session per week alongside actually playing poker.

I have learnt not to overlook training and always make time for educating and re-tuning your game and also view those hand histories, I was quite shocked at some of the hands I played and hands that I could of played better.

Okay that concludes this episode this is me feno27 signing out and again please comment, please be honest and please, please, please share your advice and tips I need all I can get!!!

Thank you and hope you enjoy.