Hi all,

Here with Week 12 of my Bankroll Challenge, unfortunately due to personal reasons I had to take sometime out from the poker tables, which has prevented me from making any serious progress in this episode and which is why this episodes post is short this time round.

Ok now for a quick re-cap coming to the end of my last post in Week 6, I had really poor results after moving up stakes to $1 - 90/180 Max SNG MTT's and lost 27 in a row and then placed 6 times between 10th – 27th leaving me with $112.89. I then lost another 14 and then placed 9th leaving me with $101.34.

I managed to eventually get two 3rd place finishes then I lost a load more on the bounce. This continued over 270 something SNG/MTT's until, I eventually nailed a 1st place finish securing $49.26 not a lot of money but never the less it was still sweet!

I then had the worse run ever I played another couple of hundred SNG/MTT's and in total. Over Weeks 4-6 I played roughly over 500+ I had to decrease my stakes and play what I was originally playing. I also continued to miss the money at these stakes.

So from my highest then at $131 and down to $41 yes a whopping $90 deficit. I then said to myself  I am going to start Week 7 at $0.10c - $0.25c due to my current bankroll and hopefully increase to $0.50 – $1 and that is exactly what I did.

So after taking a few weeks out to get my mind back into a fit mental and happy state again, I started to once again hit the tables. I played only 200+ SNG/MTT's over the next 4 weeks and had highs and lows, I took down seventeen 1st place finishes in the 10c-25c Stakes playing 45-360 Max Player SNG/MTT's.

Because I did not really grind that many tables and the stakes I was forced to go down to as I don't like to leave less then 100 buy inns for whatever stake I am playing. My Bankroll did not improve that greatly. Apart from winning seventeen of those, I lost the rest and made the money occasionally.

I am continually still entering The Hot $0.55c and managing to make the money, however that is all it is, just managing to make the money lol I hope to final table one of these soon or best take it down.

So the question you want to know how have I done, the answer is miserably down now to $31.18c which is another $9.82c. Although I am not yet defeated, more like deflated and when saying defeated I mean no more money left as I am hell bent on not depositing another dime lol.

I don't like to use excuses and I am not going too, people may think, this maybe down to not leaving yourself enough time, but I generally felt ok and it was just down to not playing as good as I should of. My game was off and think after nailing seventeen 1st place finishes (just to make it clear these were not in a row lol I wish) I may have got too cocky and over confident, which may have clouded my judgement.

What I have learnt from this is even when things are going great it is absolutely vital that you still maintain your composure, which I clearly did not do. Don't let your run, run you keep your composure keep control.

Well as we go into Week 13 I will be still playing 10c-25c SNG/MTT's until I get back up to $100 and then if I reach, no forget that the right attitude to have is when I reach this I will up my stakes to $1 SNG/MTT's playing 90-180 Max players.

The $5K goal does seem like light years away, however I am determined to achieve this and what is the point to have a goal and then give up. I said from the start that this will not be a quick process, especially for the limit of time I have aside for poker I believe that I am absolutely capable of achieving this goal and with the experience from playing the help and advice I am receiving along the way I will get there eventually.

Okay that concludes this episode this is me feno27 signing out and again please comment ,please be honest and please, please , please share your advice and tips I need all I can get!!!

Thank you and hope you enjoy.