Hi All,

Back again with another update on my Bankroll Challenge, well firstly my apologies as I promised a weekly update and here I am 5 weeks on with the next episode. I am going to now update my progress every 6 weeks, as I have been so busy with work, family commitments and trying to fit poker in around all this, I can also cover a lot more in my blogs about my poker progress.

Well let's go back to the end of week 1 where we left off, I built a bankroll of $74 from $1 I did this by mainly playing $0.10c - $0.25c - 90/180/360 Max SNG MTT's.

So Week 2 -3 I carried on at the above stakes and MTT's, also slightly increasing my stakes along the way. I played roughly around 22 hours of poker a week, 12 hours of that over my 2 day weekend. I averaged about 9-11 tables an hour so overall I played roughly 476 SNG MTT's over the 2 weeks (like I said this will be a slow process lol)

So I managed to get my bankroll up to a whopping $131 and Chromestar status (yippee) so I decided to increase my stakes and play $1 - 90/180 Max SNG MTT's going into Week 4-6.

Right before we go into Week 4-6 I just want to say thank you to F27.Maverick for commenting on my post. I have taken your advice on bored and I agree looking at it now that the Sunday Spark is a bad investment at my current bankroll. I must admit I only played 6 of the Hot $0.55 between Weeks 2-3. Five of which I came absolute nowhere and one just missed out of been in the money.

I have been thinking about also playing the following SNG Satellite’s;

Sunday Storm - Buy In - $1.55 Turbo – 9 Max
The Big $5.50 - Buy In - $0.80 Turbo – 9 Max

What are your thoughts on playing the above?

It's that time of year again as Week 4-6 takes us into the WCOOP and MicroMillions I have only been trying to Satellite in these events as my bankroll will not allow me to do anything else. I have not obtained a seat in any as yet.

Ok well Iv'e had really poor results after moving up stakes to $1 - 90/180 Max SNG MTT's and lost 27 in a row and then placed 6 times between 10th – 27th leaving me with $112.89. I then lost another 14 and then placed 9th leaving me with $101.34. I managed to eventually get two 3rd place finishes then I lost a load more on the bounce. This continued over 270 something SNG MTT's until, I eventually nailed a 1st place finish securing $49.26 not a lot of money but never the less it was still sweet!

I then had the worse run ever I played another couple of hundred SNG MTT's and in total. Over Weeks 4-6 I played roughly over 500+ I had to decrease my stakes and play what I was originally playing. I also continued to miss the money at these stakes as well and to top things off I missed out on SilverStar status by 60+ VPP's.

To be honest on a whole I think my game was ok, It's safe to say that I would probably have changed some of the spots when I put my money in. But the majority of my game was ok. Variance was a great factor in the majority of last week. Only thing I wish I would of done was to come away and rest I was not tilting but should of come away and started fresh the next day, So from my highest at $131 now at $41 yes a whopping $90 deficit

I am going to start Week 7 at $0.10c - $0.25c due to my current bankroll and hopefully increase to $0.50 – $1. One thing that was on my mind was at $131 and things going ok, should I have continued at $0.50c or did I make the correct decision and increase stakes to $1, I always leave myself a minimum of 100 buy ins, whatever stake I play, as I mentioned I do not want to deposit again and don’t want to bust out?

If you have read my previous post you will know that I am taking poker more seriously and trying to fine tune my game with PSO and what they offer in regards to help, advice and training. One thing I have overlooked and most of you players will probably be thinking “idiot” why have you not got one of these already (I want to get a Poker HUD) the answer is easy I want to invest as little as possible. I know to make money you have to spend money but in poker it's different. I wanted to at least be able to buy a Poker HUD with the money I win from poker (So far not good)

I have hit a roadblock and think I am just going to buy one as now after thinking long and hard about it, this should eventually pay for it's self (I hope) "HM2" looked like the best option after researching, only problem it's not Mac Compatible. This is my own fault for being a Desktop snob “Really don’t get a Mac” compatibility for the majority of software is shocking. So my second option would be "PokerTracker 4" as it has cost too much to now go back to a windows set up.

This will also allow me to be geeky and have all the Stats, Graphs, ROI, C-NET Profit, Hand Histories/Hand Re-players for you guys so it's easier to follow and most of all help improve my judgment. I also want to sift out the fish and keep tabs on the regs.

Somebody was saying about a second monitor, however it is not an option at the moment because I only play a max of 3 MTT's at any one time and that is more than manageable on one monitor at this moment.

So thats it for now and I hope I have better news for myself and you guys leading into Weeks 7-12. Again your thoughts, advice are always appreciated and please comment and get back to me on the above points mentioned.

Until next time.