Hi All,

My name is Karl 'Feno27' Fensome from the UK , I have been playing Poker now as a recreational player since 2011, however I went about it the wrong way. Instead of using the great tools that Pokerstars have to offer here. I instead, just went straight into cash games and some 6 Max SNG's. I did this for about 12 months and had some highs, but lots and lots of lows and instead of working on my game I had a break, because I was just not in the right frame of mind and could not handle the bad beats well. This made me fall out of the game I loved as a hobbie and for fun.

I then started to again watch a lot of the EPT Live Events and the last years PCA and the most recent UKIPT. I was able to regain that passion and love back for the beautiful game I once lost. I have now been playing again for the last 3 months but very little maybe only a few cash games, MTT's a week.

Pokerstars offers a great Bankroll Builder (something I should of done when first started to play the game) as this is only for new starters that have not yet deposited. I was not legible for the $8 cash reward for completing the relevant tasks. So I needed to make some money fast as I did not want to waste time playing the Freerolls and was sick of depositing again and again, I thought to my self NO I am not depositing anymore.

So before I did I started to fine tune my game, by registering with PSO which I then started to progress my way through the tutorial and quizzes. I have still got to complete one (Omaha) but as I dont really play this type of game I focussed on completing the others first. With these completed I received a ticket to one of the Premier Skill League Qualifier MTT's, which I ended up making it to the money (not a great deal busted out not long after the Bubble burst)  but got my first $2.50. With this I entered a 180 max 10c MTT and took it down (wicked) although this was only Micro States I was over the moon. I then started to register for online training with Pokerstars very own trainers, I went on and discussed hand histories and watched a lot of the Poker Bites and video lessons, one of which was "Sit & Go Beginners Series" this has helped me a lot at the moment.

I have now managed to rack up a total of $74 from $1 and I know that this is nothing but to me it's everything. This is proof that because I have invested more time and effort and looking and taking poker more seriously it's starting to slowly pay. I am now only playing $0.10c - $0.25c - 90/180/360 max MTT's (I have only managed to move up to this stake from 10c/25c as I now have a bankroll of $74 you should really leave yourself at least 100 buy inns of what ever stakes you are playing)

I am also starting to play "The Hot $0.55" and another one to play is the "Sunday Spark" at $1 Rebuy. it is a great place to start to gain hand experience and the chance to win a decent amount of money with little investment. 

I will be posting weekly updates but as I work full-time, have a girlfriend who is high maintenance and only play a max of 3 x MTT's at onetime this will be a slow process 

I would love feedback and also please please please if anyone has any advice or tips for me on how to acheive this goal please share your knowledge it will be very much appreciated.