I am going to challenge myself to win enough to purchase a new laptop, Iphone and Ipad mini. on top of that, I will give 20% of my profits ( or more if I do really well ) to cancer reserch. the down side to my task is this, the middle, i am going to dedicate my time to focus on my week plays and the middle is just that. so. the plan is. I am asking anyone who has played against me and thought, what is he doing, hmm good play, ummm ok. to feed back to me and if any advice helps fix my game I will push 10% of my profit to the fixer and 10% to the charity of there choice. 


My challenge will start April 15th and end midnight on the 14th of april 2014. I may crash and burn but I dont care, I have seen me doing well and doing not so well. so, my plan is to insert a max of $10 every 4 weeks and no more. this means anything over $120 is profit and only 60% is profit for my gadgits. the rest is divided as above. If reach my goal then I will divide the rest 4 ways.

1. Cancer reserch

2. Key helpers Charity of choice

3. Key helper

4. My wife (lol)

I hope that if I play for others than myself, it will give me a reason to step up. I hope so.

just to add, I am taking the plunge into the HUD zone, not really looked into it properly before but it looks like its time. It looks like its the done thing so will be giving  it a go. also comitting to memory PSO Tutorials.