just brushed along Barrydoggs blog and man do I here you. but this is me picking me up and well its time for a strategy against the young donks/ or the randoms as i see them, with them anything can happen so early in the game you are forced into coin toss situations, ok for some hands yes step back and watch but as the dogg is saying, you got pocket A and captain allin pushes, what to do, its his/her/its forth all in preflop you just cant fold, really, can you? do you wait it out and let someone else break the asses back or wot. instinct say go 4 it.
ok its a challenge, and an opertunaty. but the price is heavy. way up the odds, look at the table, find your range and FIRE. And when all is said and done, luck favours the brave (or is that motto to help the unfortunate feel better about themselves)
Can anyone out there tell me if all out agrassion has win a league, I have know doubt that i can win a tourney from time to time but in a grand prix league I doubt it. anyone???
so i end this blog thinking that the flavour of tables are ever changing and ever chalenging. I am glad to be back above 1600 points and still want to top 1700, thats all, that was my goal for this month, it cant be that hard, can it!!!