what everyones opinion on poker tracker, to be honest, i find it just a distraction from the game. ok maybe to analise myself once I figure what and where all my stupid points are. but you know, i allready know where they are. and after looking at it and then seeing how ive been playing of late. i dont want it. i think every table is unique and we all have our bases for gejing (have you niticed  kant spell some words lol) the table we are on and i think my own instinct are best, not to mention realtime.

so, my opinion on poker gadgets is this. it takes it away from the game and turns it nto a bandit skam (slt machine for non UK). not for me, im a puritan.

and btw. watch me in the future, one day I wlll stop having fun. and say game on. oh, and what fun we will have.

as a side note, my father and I spent many hours playing cirbbage rummy and chess. so to his memory, i Will play well, loose well, and learn. if i win, its a bonus, if i play well, its a result. so to my dad who would have been 93 tomorrow. I miss ya and yer in ma heart 4eva, till we meet again. play on. :wink: