all in all, my change in play is working, 2 final tables cant be wrong. its the the morning of the 6th and sitting at 108 in the league, a higher position that i had hoped for. but i felt bad about poping out at 360 cos i knew i played it all wrong. but really (note to self) get over it. so. what has changed. hmm. all of a sudden i  can read tables, i get a feel for the *****rs and the tighters, when to push, when to chill. so ty PSO, i admit i WAS a donkey, and know doubt, will be (but only now and agian) from time to time, lol. the odd cheeky hand relives the dolldrums. but not at the risk of those hard erned league points, onwards and upwards, so say the Fenix (one day i'll find the accent for the e) till then people, remember its ee not eh.