STEP 1, answer a survey and get poker points, ckeck.
STEP 2, spend points on a satalite turnyand win the first place ticket, check (note to self, learn to spell tournament).
STEP 3, smile and enjoy the fact you came first and have a $22 ticket to a 200k 2rnament, ha, who needs a spellchecker.
STEP 4. share the joy, and treat every tourny (begining to hate that word) as a dry run to work out my faults, my random donkings, my know when to foldem even if its pocket Ks when a flush is staring you in the face, hmmm, check.
STEP 5. remember when puss in boots (were talking shrek here)  took his hat off and did the cute furry cat thing, ok picture that and join me. i am asking anyone that has played me, or, has a way of looking at my track record. can i get feedback, I want to hit this tourny and do well, and be able to thank Pokerstars for my suksess (new word to check). [hey admin, is there a spellchecker in here]. hoping to check.
STEP 6. back to coarces (im doing it again ament I) and focus. the 15:00 has just started so here goes.
STEP 7. THANK YOU in advance for all your help.

ps, its the double deuse max (50,000 players) im in, any heads up on how it tends to run would also be apreciated.