Hmm... My very first sunday million. Won a seat via a satellite $10.70 buy-in. Spent $90 to get one. I was excited. I slept early (it starts at 4:30am here) to prepare myself for the tournament. My wife asked me why I'm sleeping early and told her that I won a seat. My expectations as far as the players are concerned is that I'll be faced with a tough set of players, as usual, but will be given a good and respectable play. Anyways, my strategy was this: Will only settle for bet no more than BB for suited A9 to A10, 2.5xBB for A10 to AJ and 99 to JJ , variable betting between AQ to AK, minimum of 3xBB for QQ to AA, and for the smail pairs and suited connectors, I will just limp it in with 1xBB or perhaps decide to call a raise. I won't chase even with KA after the turn. Played for a little over 2 hours. My journey got cut short by a call against my 3xBB raise for my JJ. Flop was only 6 9 7. C-Bet with a little over my 2.5xBB, turn Q, bet 4xBB, got called still, and river was 5, got raised by 9xBB. Stack was chopped down to more than half. Caller was holding A8 suited. I was very disappointed at the callers action. As I was expecting a good play. When I say a good play, I mean no fishing upto the river for the set. Because, the buy-in is high and the satellites are not only expensive but hard to play. But I guess poker's poker. And no matter how high the buy-in is, there'll be a player who would do anything to win the pot.