SnG Fifty50's again, playing $1.50 buyins.

1st game finish top of the money raking a nice $2.33 profit. 2nd game didn't play very well and finished 7th. 3rd game played much better and despite having a maniac on table that rivered me I place 3rd.

Hand of the day:
80/40 +5ante, EP with KQs - I don't uauslly play this full ring but the table is very passive.
I raise 3x which is folded to BB who flats.
Flop is 8c 5c 3s
BB bets 80 - I see this as very weak and decide to reraise - I bet 400 into pot of 650 and he flats.
Turn is Qh
BB bets 80 again - far too passive and exactly how this table has been playing so far.
I raise to put him all in and get called. - he shows 4h 2h, so he is all in with a 5/1 draw where his pot odds are 3/1.
River is Kh and I take the pot.
I don't see why this player calls a EP raise with 42s when he has over 15BB, If I were mid-late I could kind of understand, although I certainly wouldn't be calling with that hand. The flop he is committed to the turn for implied odds but the turn misses so he should have given up there IMO.