Again nothing but Fifty50 SnG's being played today.
1st SnG finished 7th and was so card dead I could have opened a Cemetary.
Next two placed 3rd in the money for both with decent profit overall of $1.56.
Over 3 days of my personal $5 challenge I have now doubled up which is good.

Hand of the day, not much happened today -
One guy called all in with 89s and sucked out on me but I went on to knock him out and place in the money, other than this I didnt see any calls/raises that I wouldn't expect.
On the flip side I did suck out vs a guy who called all in with his KQ vs my QJo my BB him SB when he had 10BB and I got 4 hearts ina  row to get the flush. I don't think either of us played the hand wrong though, his raise range with 10BB when BvB was going to be very wide.