Well 1st Fifty50 and bizzarre isn't close. 25/50 I am in cutoff with KK.
EP limps so I raise 2.5+1 and SB reraises to 300 total.
I figure him for pocket pair and go all in, and he calls leaving him with 70 chips behind.
I'm now expecting AA and am 'surprised' when he turns KQo...er wut!
Of course he flops a Q and rivers another to beat my KK and knock me out, and in fact finsihes 1st in the money at the table - who says bad play is punished....lol.
I won't tell you his name but I'm looking for tables with this guy in from now on :twisted:
Next two Fifty50 SnG more like normal with a 4th and a 1st place in the money,  up $1.88 across the 3 played so far today.

Hand of the day - has to be that shown in my first paragraph. Guy calls all in with KQo vs my KK and sucks out to trip Q's.