Well another day another mass suckout on the 25c 45 man SnG's.
QQ run into 2 limpers who both end up with AA but neither of them bet it - lol!
The guy who calls my all in with garbage and sucks out on the river.
The people with pocket pair who limp and then just call every street and never bet.

Hand of the day - guy has AK ends up with trip A on the river to my QQ but doesn't bet once - not even on the river...

I'll be perfectly honest and say I don't know how to beat this game, wait till I get AA, KK else don't bet? Seems every time I bet I get limp callers with monster hands or maniacs who manage to suck into the miracle. Best finish today is 17th so maybe I just need to play the tight wad till the blinds hit 50/100 and see how that goes.

Returned to my favourite 1 tble SnG format the Fifty50 - love these, people are just as passive as the 45's but I get to take advantage of that here. Just turned the $1.5 buy-in into $4.54, would have been more but BB woke up with a hand when I bullied him on the bubble.