It's my blog so I can get first post (you slashdot fans know what I'm talking about).

I joined stars in 2005 (just realized that it was 2005 with the "class of" promo stars is running for 10th anniversary).  I've read a few books, I read poker websites a fair bit, and regularly tune into the two plus two poker podcast.  I'm a micro stakes recreational player, losing but barely.  I go through about $50 a year, so I think I get good entertainiment for my money, and I always learn and improve.

At some point I hope to be cashflow positive and hopefully this poker school will help.

I'm impressed with the PokerStars school.  I breezed through the basic and core exams, and have now begun the SNG course.  Really liking the exercises.

That's enough for the first post, off to the tables!