I used what I learned in this course and didnt even make the last three in five attempts. This info is no good and I followed the course exactly the way it was given. Its just another way for them to get your money on the poker table. Had kings and lost to aces and queens lose to aces.And kings that lost to A10 off,and trips that lost to 10 3 suited that hit runner runner flush. And pocket 5's that was by course to go all in push, lose to a caller with 44 and that hit trips. First two to three I almost understand losing but last two so unreal. Pokerstars has their program set up to lose good hands to people that play rags,and I still dont believe thay can catch people using cheating programs and this is a fact cause I have a friend who plays and uses holdem radar and thay have never said anything to him about using it. It's listed in their faqs not to use and thay can catch you. I even sent them his Id and told them I thought he was cheating in general I didnt tell them about what he was using to see if thay could catch it. And thay emailed back that the player showed nothing out of ordinary, but he was using it. So thay have no way of checking for cheating programs. My thoughts and facts.